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The aim of the lectures proposal of LatentEstudi is to cover from basics of photography and visual language to more specific courses. Our educational team is form by photographers with wide knowleage in photography, we will also have invited professionals who will come to talk about their work and personal view.

// Fotografía digital avanzada i retoque fotográfico (20h)


We will extend our knowledge on digital photography, deepening concepts like the space color, file types, color depth and printing techniques. We will see how to work with specific software and will create a work flow to manage our photographic archive. New digital possibilities will be seen, such as: how to create panoramic, spherical images and HDR.


Laptop and minimum computer user knowledge. Basic photographic knowledge and own equipment (digital camera, preferably réflex).

Price: 130.00€/person
Start Date: Monday 13 of February

// Introducción a la fotografía digital (20H)


The purpose of this course is to learn the basic technical and aesthetic knowledge on photography. We will review the theoretical concepts of the use and operation of a digital camera. We will introduce the basis of visual language and the aesthetic resources of the photography.



A photographic camera, preferably reflex. No knowledge on photography technique is 
Price: 110.00€/person
Start Date: Tuesday 14 of February

  // Taller de especialización en fotografía creativa


The creative photography allows us to construct new realities, show them as we feel them and learn how to focus our creativity. The purpose of this course is to able to make a coherent photographic work. To this end we will learn the expressive resources availeble and we will make a review of other’s work photographers.


A photographic camera, preferably reflex. No knowledge on photography technique is necessary.

Price: 130.00€/person
Start Date: Monday 06 of February

// Taller dʼe especialización en fotoperiodismo y fotografía documental

The purpose of this course is to give to the students necessary tools and knowledge so that they will be able to produce a quality photography reportaje. We will work basic points like visual narrative, work flow and laws. We will review the photojournalism history to the present and have a look to photographic works and agencies. Finally each student will develop a reportaje during the course.



Minimum knowledge on basic photographic technique and own equipment (preferably réflex)

Price: 130.00€/person
Start Date: Tuesday 07 of February

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